Compliance and Development - Moving Steadily Forward | Pndus Biotechnology signed the "Commitment to Compliance".
Aug 05, 2022 16604

In the presence of the E-cigarette Special Committee, John Dunne, Director General of the online UKVIA, Dustin Dahlmann and Cipri Boboi, co-founders of the European Electronic Cigarette Association (IEVA), Peter Davydov, Chief Press Officer of the Russian Nicotine Alliance, and Daniel David, President of the Canadian Electronic Tobacco Industry Trade Association (VITA) Under the watchful eyes of Daniel David, representatives from Pindu Biotechnology and 57 e-cigarette companies solemnly signed and stamped the "Compliance Commitment" with a signing pen in hand.

Signing of the commitment

With the advent of rule of law regulation in the e-cigarette industry, compliance development of enterprises is the core competitiveness of the future. Recently, overseas markets have been focusing on the regulation of the Chinese e-cigarette industry and the compliance operation of enterprises. In the context of the rule of law, standardization and internationalization of the e-cigarette industry, the Electronic Cigarette Special Committee held this ceremony to promote the commitment and determination of Chinese e-cigarette companies to operate in compliance, their responsibility and commitment to quality and safety and the protection of minors, establish a positive and good image of the Chinese e-cigarette industry, promote the healthy development of the global e-cigarette industry and achieve high-quality leapfrog progress.

The scene of the signing of the pledge

The "Commitment to Compliance" contains five items, including: "strengthen compliance management and enhance compliance capabilities", "attach importance to enterprise safety production and strictly adhere to the bottom line of product safety", "strictly comply with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minors and fulfil the commitment not to sell e-cigarettes to minors", "comply with the applicable laws, regulatory rules and standard requirements of e-cigarettes in the destination countries and regions in relation to export business" and "establish environmental awareness and strive to promote the goal of 'carbon peaking' and 'carbon neutral'".

It is incumbent upon e-cigarette companies and practitioners to operate in compliance and work together to promote the healthy development of the industry. This event is a timely warning to the industry to comply with the regulations. Pindu Biotechnology is determined to lean towards the regulation, actively support the management and initiatives of the special committee, and resolutely eliminate all acts that harm the interests of the industry.