The first batch of differentiated security products of Pndus Biotechnology took off smoothly and won the first "Fog Valley Award - Emerging Export Enterprise Award"!
Jun 16, 2022 20836

To further encourage and support e-cigarette enterprises to expand exports on the basis of standardized operation, approved by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the "2022 Sixth Electronic Cigarette Industry Standardized Development Promotion Conference and the First Export Service Development Conference", organized by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee, will be held on June 15, 2022 in Baoan, Shenzhen, China.

The conference aims to provide policy advocacy, industry chain support, international policy environment support, product and intellectual property certification and other services for e-cigarette exporters, so as to guide a more benign and long-term development of the e-cigarette industry.

A total of 944 officials from embassies and consulates, leaders of overseas industry associations, economists, tobacco experts, business representatives and news media representatives from more than 10 countries and regions around the world attended the conference, and nearly 1 million people on line attended and watched the conference.

The first batch of differential security cargo took off smoothly

In his speech, Wang Suichu, Vice General Manager of Shenzhen Airport Group, indicated that the whitelist standard is another useful attempt to promote industry security innovation, which will not only further enhance the competitiveness of China's international air logistics services, but also has important promotion significance to promote the global transportation standard of the e-cigarette industry. He announced, "PndusBiotechnology, as the first export whitelist company, the first batch of cargo has been successfully flown from Shenzhen airport to Los Angeles at 12:13 on June 15!" The words were followed by a round of applause.

Misty Valley Award - Emerging Exporters Award

The first "Mogu Award", which recognizes outstanding export enterprises, promotes advanced experience and carries forward the export spirit of China's e-cigarette industry, was held at the award ceremony.

After the selection and examination by many experts and scholars, Pndus Biotechnology stood out and won the "Fog Valley Award - Emerging Export Enterprise Award", which aims to recognize the emerging electronic nebulizer enterprises with good growth momentum in the export field.

Supporters Plaque

In the awarding ceremony, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee personally awarded Pndus Biotechnology "2022 Electronic Cigarette Industry Sixth Standard Development Promotion Conference and the First Export Service Development Conference" support unit plaque.

On the day of the conference, 12 military veterans were selected by Pindu Biotechnology to assist in the conference all day long, making indelible contributions to the smooth holding of the event and the good order of the site. With their good quality and professional image, the military members of Pindu Biotechnology were highly praised by the organizer and the participants!


Tan Zijun, deputy general manager of the company, was interviewed by "Two Supremacy", in which Tan introduced in detail the trend analysis of overseas export markets and future planning.

Talking about the next 10 years, Mr. Tan said, "The main challenges are product technology innovation (material application, atomization technology, electronic application technology, etc.), safety performance, and youth protection technology application, etc.; in the face of this situation, we should expand product technology application for product compliance and legality, patent technology innovation, environmental protection and product experience effect, etc. The competitive advantage of the product technology application."、

In the future development road,

Pndus will steadily and steadily

To take the road of compliance development.

We will strive to make more contribution to our country!