Strengthen the talent team construction Raise the overall strength of the company |PNDUS start college degree project
Oct 25, 2021 20695

In order to better encourage employees to continuously improve their educational background, strengthen the construction of talents in different gradients of

the company, and to better promote the implementation of the company's "learning culture", the company launched the college degree promotion project to help employees improve their educational background through school-enterprise joint teaching. Mr. Tan Zijun, deputy General Manager of PNDUS Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. came to the scene to mobilize.

On September 6th, the company invited the education promotion guidance experts to visit Pndus Business School for education promotion, and more than 100 staff participated in the education promotion meeting. Guidance experts respectively from the employee's own competitiveness, the development of The Times and social attention to the degree of the necessity and importance of promotion.

Tan said the company would reimburse the students' tuition fees and award scholarships to outstanding students, calling on them to seize opportunities, study hard and surpass themselves.

Through preaching and calling, more than 70 employees of the company successfully signed up for the education promotion program and learned online.

In the middle of October, the company invited three teachers with rich teaching experience in language,mathematics and foreign languages to visit Pindu Business School for offline guidance. Teachers, from the perspective of the matters needing attention before, our adult the university entrance exam scores, such as high frequency test for explanation, for you adjust good review rhythm, clarify the test direction, at the same time combined with 2021 review the outline to the test was carried out on the key knowledge in all the subjects in detail, for students to teach problem solving skills, help students better able to absorb knowledge.

After the offline tutoring, the company will divide all students into six groups according to their advantages and disadvantages. Then, the company's highly educated talents and foreign staff will serve as the leaders for many offline tutoring, and strive to help all students pass the examination and realize their dreams.

On October 23 and 24, 68 employees of the company participated in the adult college entrance examination.

"My life is finite, while knowledge is infinite, learning itself is a need to keep on a lifetime thing, but" learning culture "is the product of one of the four cultural, in addition to the" college degree ascend "project, the company will launch to rise only this, the rise of masters degree to promote projects, for the company to build perfect talent team, enhance thecomprehensive competitiveness of the company in the industry.