Building strengthening the talent echelon | PNDUS of the first "degree of training camp" grand opening on schedule
Nov 13, 2021 14651

In order to further strengthen the construction of talent echelon and enhance the comprehensive strength of the company, the company introduces a group of fresh graduates to strengthen the "waist" strength of the talent echelon of our company. After more than two months of preparation and through the inspection of many colleges and universities, the company carefully selected 49 winners from more than 1,000 college students interviewed from all over the country to enter the first phase of PNDUS "Duchong" training camp.

The training camp is divided into four stages: seed selection, breeding, trial seeding and sowing. There are different courses for each stage, and corresponding assessment mechanism and points rule will be set up. Finally, the survival of the fittest will pass the points and 360° assessment. Excellent management trainees who pass the assessment can participate in the "double selection meeting". The total training duration of this training camp is 3 months.

Opening ceremony

On November 1,2021, in order to welcome the management trainee coming from afar, the company held the grand opening ceremony of the first phase of the training camp in PNDUS Business College. Mr. Zhao Chengzhi, General Manager, Mr. Tan Zijun, Deputy general manager, Dean ding of business School and senior management of PNDUS Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD attended the welcome ceremony.

Welcome ceremony first, general manager speech: "all the new members of the 'Du', first of all, ON behalf of all the PNDUS people, to your arrival to express the most warm welcome! Welcome! Just graduated you, perhaps have hesitation, have fear,but join PNDUS, you will never be a person to fight, we will configure excellent mentors to guide you, to help you become more excellent. PNDUS is a learning enterprise, come here, please keep your enthusiasm for learning, no matter a week later you go to which post, have to study hard, and strive to do the strongest in their own post. Dear 'Dudu', as long as you are brave enough to face difficulties and determined to keep learning, the future will surely belong to you! Dear new degrees, 'the sea is wide by diving, the sky is high as the birds fly', I believe, you must do, come on!"

For management trainees, to PNDUS, the most concerned must be the origin of the company, development, planning and industry prospects and wind

direction. To this end, Tan and Ali, sales manager, introduced the company's development history and international industry trends.

Dean Ding made a "training camp project introduction",introducing the management trainees' monthly, weekly and daily study plan in

detail. And led all the management trainees to read out the oath of "degree of seed.

In order to better cultivate the management trainees' sense of competition and teamwork,the company divided 49 management trainees into 4 groups, each group has its own team name and slogan. Mr. Zhao sent the team flags to the four captains.

Then, the lecturers' representatives and the instructors explained their respective work priorities and said that they would accompany the trainees to face all

challenges and make progress together in the next three months.

"Di Zi GUI" is a classic of Chinese culture. The book's guidelines on how to behave and do things are very suitable for graduates who are about to enter the

workplace. In order to enable this group of new "degrees" to complete the identity transformation as soon as possible, the company has arranged "Di

Zi GUI" to improve professional quality "course. At the welcome ceremony, Mr. Zhao personally presented di Zi Rules to Mr. Guan.

CAI, the representative of quality "00" outstanding Management trainee, shared her experience on how to grow from a management trainee to a project engineer in one year, encouraging younger students to study hard and strive to break through themselves in one year.

Qin speak on behalf of guan Peisheng, she said: "as a recent graduate of college students, we will put down the mentality, hard work, no matter in which position to carefully learn from the leadership and colleagues, strive for quality to contribute their greatest strength!"

Finally, there was a question-and-answer session, in which management trainees raised questions about promotion channels, definition of quality, company activities,industry prospects and other key words, and leaders on the scene answered them one by one.

From now on, 49 management trainees are members of PNDUS family, wish all "Dudu" along with the business philosophy of "unity of knowledge and action Steady and long journey", create excellence, build dream voyage.
Training begins!

At 6:45 in the morning, management trainee tour officially began.

The first is running in the morning.
Cao and Dean Ding visited the training base in person and went for a morning run with the management trainees, which not only set a good example for all the management trainees but also reflected the "temperature culture" of PNDUS.
Zhang excitedly said: "I have always heard that Cao is always the male god of all quality people, and today I see his name is true! He smiled at me, and I felt dizzy with happiness, warm and excited, and he ran with us. I was so touched, ha ha!"

"I could not even run at first, but when I saw Dean Ding in his wet clothes, panting and encouraging me, AT that moment, I felt very warm and full of motivation. I gnadied my teeth to finish the whole race and realized a breakthrough for myself." Liu said.

"Learning culture" is an important culture of PNDUS, and it is also the permanent persistence of PNDUS people. It is urgent to cultivate management trainees to adhere to the good habit of learning. After the morning run, the monitor organized all the management trainees to read Di Zi GUI.

"Quality culture" is the first culture of quality, the "quality" not only refers to the product, but also refers to every quality people, only every

quality people are made into "quality", quality can become the industry quality. Military training can not only cultivate the collective consciousness of management trainees and hone their will, but also create the unique spirit of PNDUS people, which is also the first step for everyone to join in PNDUS.

After the morning run and reading, the trainees began their morning military training. The military training instructor is Tang from the Administration Department. He has served in the army for 5 years and has rich experience in practical operation and training. The main contents of military training include singing the national anthem, cleaning up internal affairs, standing at attention/at ease, looking left or right, standing, squatting, turning left/right, marching in step, goose-stepping, standing and saluting.

In the afternoon,the training course is specially designed for management trainees, including rules and regulations, corporate culture, workplace etiquette and professional quality.

In the evening, a variety of league building activities were arranged.

After a week of intensive training, none of the 49 management trainees flinched or even asked for leave. On the contrary, they became more and more brave, full of morale and had a clearer understanding and planning of their career path.

On the line

After a week of training, management trainees formally enter the workshop line, starting from the most basic position.

Front-line jobs can hone the endurance and spirit of fresh graduates, helping them to complete the identity transformation from "campus people" to

"professional people". In addition, it can also better help management trainees to understand the company's products from point to line,from basic to core, and from easy to difficult, which is in line with the cultivation direction of this batch of management trainees.

"Co-create culture" is one of the four major cultures of PNDUS. All PNDUS staff keep in mind the declaration of "Co-create sharing · Dream Voyage", share working experience and create a better working environment together. The front-line managers of the workshop are very willing to share their skills, and

they are even ready to share their knowledge with the trainees.

The picture shows Zeng Stretching hand in hand to teach the management trainee soldering

"Every day I come to PNDUS, I feel a great harvest, whether it is morning running, morning reading, morning military training or afternoon training, I feel that I am greatly respected, I have not even felt such tolerance and guidance during the university. This evening, Zeng stretched her hands and taught me how to solder. At that moment, I was moved to tears, just like my mother." A management trainee SOB to finish these words to the author.
Another management trainee shared: "In PNDUS, I feel a strong driving force,pushing us to sprout and urge us to strive to absorb nutrients, which is really

precious for us who just graduated and are still in confusion! I can feel that every leader who lectures and shares with us is full of love. I like the atmosphere here so much. I will work hard and stay in PNDUS."

"The owners really refresh me through, in my impression, the company's bosses should be very cold with a straight face, but the degree of product Zhao Zong, tan, cao total, and the teacher own majesty very nice, in addition to running learning together with us, we summed up every night they will see, will give us encourage thumb up. One night, I submitted the summary relatively late, almost 12 o 'clock, did not expect, a few minutes later, Zhao gave me a thumbs-up. I always feel very hard, but think about it, Zhao they must be harder than me! At that moment, I really felt lucky to be able to enter THE quality and work with all the excellent and humble bosses. I will work hard to become a manager!"
Up to now, the first phase of PNDUS "Duzhi" training camp has been carried out for 12 days, every day, management trainees have different changes, just like hits the little seedlings, in PNDUS spring pulling strength to grow up! In the next 78 days, the company has prepared more wonderful training and practical training for "Dudu", which will help them achieve their dreams and create excellence!

High-quality talent echelon is not only the reserve force for enterprise development, but also the promotion channel for employees' career development. This batch of management trainees belong to the "waist" force in the talent echelon of the company. Attaching importance to their training is the cause of the

company for a long time, is also an important force to promote the sustainable development of enterprises!

PNDUS biotechnology attaches great importance to the construction of talent team. After perfecting the "leg" and "waist" strength, we will devote ourselves to the construction of shoulder and head strength to create better conditions for the realization of enterprise goals.